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Asset Managers
Domestic Equities
Golden Capital Equity Team, Charlotte, NC - 1999
Large Cap Equity (All Funds) Benchmark: S&P 500

The Golden Capital Equity Team ("Golden") is located in Charlotte, NC and is part of Wells Fargo Asset Management's autonomous team structure. Golden's advantage is rooted in proprietary stock selection models. The models evaluate stocks with the throughness of a fundamental approach and the consistency accomplished thorugh quantitative execution. The models identify stocks expected to outperform their peers.

Golden Capital Management (Dividend Income), Charlotte, NC - 1999
High-Yield, Large Cap Equity (All Funds) Benchmark: Dow Jones US Dividend 100

Golden Capital Management's objective is to provide consistent excess return in both up and down markets, while minimizing the risk of under-performance. The investment process is fundamentally based and quantitatively executed.

Champlain Investment Partners, Burlington VT - 2004
Small Cap Equity (Balanced, Diversified and All Equity Fund Only) Benchmark: Russell 2000

The team believes that investing in companies with sustainable competitive advantages, durable business models, sound balance sheets, capable and sincere management, and that are trading at valuations deemed reasonable by the team, can provide attractive returns over time with less risk thank the overall market. The strategy aims to minimize business and valuation risk through a well-defined and consistent investment process focused on absolute returns and avoiding large losses, both of which are critical for wealth creation.
Non-US Equities

Dodge & Cox International Equity Fund, San Francisco, CA - 1930
International Equity (Balanced, Diversified and All Equity Funds Only) Benchmark: MSCI ACWI Index

The philosophy guiding the management of Dodge & Cox's equity portfolios is built on traditional investment principles. They seek to build a portfolio of individual companies where the current market valuation does not adequately reflect the company's long-term profit opportunities. They maintain a long-term focus, conduct their own research, and employ a rigorous price discipline. The approach is research intensive; decisions are based on individual comp nay analysis by an internal team of investment professionals. They evaluate each potential investment based on a three- to five-year investment horizon.

EuroPacific Growth Non-US Equity Mutual Fund, CA - 1984
International Equity (Balanced, Diversified & All Equity Funds) Benchmark - MSCI ACWI Index

EuroPacific has a research-driven approach to non-U.S. investing. Their bottom-up fundamental approach is blended with macroeconomic and political judgments on the outlook of economies, industries, currencies, and markets. The fund uses a "multiple manger" approach where individual portfolio managers, each with different styles, manage separate sleeves of the strategy independently. Sleeves are combined to form the fund. Individual managers are selected so that the aggregate fund adheres to its stated objective of capital appreciation.

Fixed Income
Wespath Investment Management Bond Fund, Glenview, IL - 2011
Fixed Income (Conservative, Balanced and Diversified Funds Only)
Benchmark: Bloomberg Barclays US Universal

The Wespath Fixed Income Fund is a multi-manager fund that invests in domestic and international fixed income securities. The investment objective of the Fund is to earn current income and utilizes several investment managers that combine active and passive management styles. GEnerally, 10-15% of assets are managed internally through the Positive Social Purpose Lending Program. The fund also provides social screening to ensure that securities purchased are in keeping with Methodist principles.
Wespath Investment Management US TIPS Fund - Glenview, IL - 2011
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)(Conservative, Balanced and Diversified Funds Only)
Benchmark: Bloomberg Custom Benchmark: 80% Bloomberg Barclays World Government Invlation Linked Bond Index (Hedged), 10% Bloomberg Barclays Emerging Market Tradeable Inflation Linked Bond Index (Unhedged), and 10% Bloomberg Commodity Index.

The investment process includes employing a combination of active and passive investment management strategies. TIPS objective is to provide investors with current income and to protect principal from long-term loss of purchasing power due to inflation. TIPS is intended to complement the Diversified Bond Fund in terms of credit exposure.
Dodge & Cox Income Fund, San Francisco, CA - 1930
Fixed Income (Conservative, Balanced & Diversified Funds) Benchmark: Bloomberg Aggregate Index

Dodge & Cox's Fixed Income philosophy is to construct and manage a high-quality and diversified portfolio of securities that is selected through bottom-up, fundamental analysis. They believe that by combining fundamental research with a long-term investment horizon, it is possible to uncover and act upon inefficiencies in the valuation of market sectors and individual securities. In their efforts to seek attractive returns, the team: 1) emphasizes market sector and individual security selection; 2) strives to build portfolios which have a higher yield than the composite yield of the broad bond market; and 3) analyzes portfolio and individual security risk. Their credit research focuses on analysis of the fundamental factors that impact an individual issuer's or market sector's credit risk. They also consider economic trends and special circumstances which may affect an industry or a specific issue or issuer.

BB&T Money Market, Winston-Salem, NC - 1872
Cash (Conservative, Balanced and Diversified Funds Only) Benchmark: 90-day T-bill

The investment objective is to provide current income consistent with the preservation of capital and liquidity.

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